Friday, December 31, 2010

2011: A Continuation...

I am feeling an odd amount of pressure to do a New Year's Post. The reason, is that I do not want to post my other post I've been working on and have it lost among the NYE countdowns, and year-end review posts. I feel that is is a good post, and want it to be remembered in the series I am working on, and I do not want to omit posting today.

Moving into 2011

I do not feel a great sense of renewal as the change in the calendar year approaches. There are two other times of the year that give this inherent feeling of renewal without the pomp and circumstance. One is the Spring season itself. There is something refreshing about the return of life in the form of animals and flowers. The rain that falls is less of traffic story and more of a source of life to new environment. Spring marks a return, and emergence. It is when bears wake from hibernation, and when cabin fever gets cured by long walks with the family without taking an hour to get properly bundled up.
The other is the beginning of the school year. I recognize this time since I am a teacher, and it mark a return of hope, ambitions, faith, and determination. Wardrobes and supplies are replaced and replenished, and student minds walk into school ready and willing to prove that they can do better than before.

I am looking forward to 2011. Not because it marks a new beginning, but because it marks a continuance of the path i chose many years ago. It means that I have been headed in the right direction, and I am still committed to that path, and to who is on that path with me. So welcome 2011, I have been waiting for you.

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