Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Vacuum SUCKS!!!

Bagless? HEPA? Canister? Upright? Cyclone? Dyson?  
There's a LOT of vacuum terminology out there, and if you haven't figured it out yet, YES this is a vacuum review!   
I am not a stranger to vacuuming.  As the youngest of many, I was often helping the older ones with all the household chores until they graduated and I got toe privilege of doing ALL of them.  I am not a stranger to vacuums, and my wife did not teach me how t use it.  With children who are always on the floor, you want the big non-edibles to be out of the way.  The Wife and i took some time to pick out our old vacuum, which was good and lasted us several years.  We looked at warranties, durability, price, and the brand's reputation.  We settled on a bag-less Dirt Devil back in 2005 with a 3 year warranty. 

Since  then, there's definitely been a shift in how some items are marketed.  Women are not the ONLY Stay-At-Home parent anymore, and household roles have shifted from women doing all the cleaning.  There is a company that noticed this, and made this as their vacuum's commercial:

LG, a company that makes decent flat panel TVs, mediocre phones, and just about every other consumer electronic has just made a new customer for vacuums... of all things.  But aside from the cool commercial what does the vacuum ACTUALLY OFFER???

I want to point out a couple things:
1) The Kompressor Squidgy!!!
          This feature is the #1 thing that sold me on getting this vacuum versus any other vacuum.  I have emptied vacuum bags, and canisters for decades, and the cloud of dust and lint is a headache whenever you have to empty it.  It gets to the point where I have to empty the vacuum canister out in the garage, and hold my breath as I try to knock of a filthy filter and put it back into place.  This Kompressor squidgy lets you empty your vacuum into ANY garbage can without a mushroom cloud of dust and debri. The picture on the right is what happens when you empty this vacuum!   When I saw that, I was sold!!!  

2) Triple Sucking Power!!
          After we ordered this vacuum, we were diligent in vacuuming our house on a regular basis.  We did this especially in our bedroom and closet because it was not a high-traffic area, and we'd be able to test out just how different the vacuum was from our current Dirt Devil.  As you can see in the picture on the right, the LG cleans a LOT deeper into the carpets than our Dirt Devil. 

3)  Clean you can feel!
          When you turn this vacuum on, it will feel as if is has suctioned itself to the floor.  You can feel it cleaning deeper and deeper into the floors.  It is nice, because you can feel it cleaning, and you can tell once you're done, because it does not smell like you vacuumed, it just smells clean.  It has a closed filtration system, so you don't have that vacuum exhaust that smells like hot dust.  Once we cleaned the house with the LG Kompressor, it was just clean.  The carpets were actually CLEAN and not surface-brushed. 

Now, the vacuum is on the heavy  side of most vacuums, but 22 pounds is not heavy.  Besides, it is easier to carry up and down stairs because of the placement of the handle (right above the center of gravity) makes it easy to lift. 

If I had an actual review score for products, I would give this a 9.7 out of 10 for vacuums.  We found the best deal on it through, and have been happy with it from the first moment we turned it on. 

Now, anyone can make fun of me as much as they want for making a post like this about a vacuum, but I paid less than $300 (including shipping for a vacuum that s the quality of an $800 Dyson. 

So... MY VACUUM SUCKS...  does yours?


  1. Awesome I'll consider this one the next time I kill my vacuum. Right now I'm in love w/my shark navigator (i swear that it has nothing to do w/the fact its purple, although its a MAJOR bonus, see my site you'll see what i'm talking about)
    New Google follower from Bloggy Moms =)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I think we were looking between this one, a Hoover, and a Shark something-or-other.

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