Wednesday, February 2, 2011


30 MUST not be that old.  Granted, I don't feel like I did when I was 20, but then again I didn't feel like i was 10... so why look back?

What's most messed up about looking at 20 fondly is that I had bad health habits.  I played college ball, I ate like a billy goat (whatever crossed my path), and I worked out 5-6 days each week with great athletes.  Now, I can only average working out 2-3 times each week and jump on the Kinect a couple more times, and I lift alone.  So it's easy to get caught-up in wanting to lose the full 40 lbs I've put on since college ball.

I know 40 lbs sounds like a lot of weight, but here's my (unhealthy) diet that kept me at 200 lbs during the season.  I woke up, ate nothing for breakfast, went to classes, would lose my appetite in the cafeteria and eat a large salad for lunch, or nothing again, have a mandatory team workout, practice, get home around 6, and carbo-load on pasta for the next day.

If eating different and less would do it, I would have been there.  I was down at 230 (about 10 away from my current goal), but I had not worked out for several years and it was all muscle atrophy.  Once I started working out again, I immediately put on 10 lbs.

Now my thinking is that I want to go from 240-220, add some muscle bulk, add lots of conditioning, find my abs again under my padding, and rediscover my athletic-ness.  I will lose weight and add the muscle in a way that is sustainable to my life now with two young kids.  In other words, slow and steady wins the race. 

So I'm going to be 30.  I've been to Canada (a short drive from Seattle), Mexico, Ecuador, and Greece.  I still have yet to visit Asia, Australia, and Africa visit a friend in Nigeria).  There is much left to do, and 20-something me couldn't do it, but 30-something me will.

20s - Working jobs, trying to make it through school.

30s -Working my career and providing for my family.
20s - No plan, just wingin' it.

30s -Deliberate and directed.
20s - Known as someone's brother and someone's son.

30s -Known as someone's husband and someone's dad.
20s - Assumed things about people.

30s -Learned things about people.
20s - Believed the hype.

30s -Became the hype.

Come on 30s!  Whatchu Got?


  1. As somebody deeply entrenched in the business-end of 30 (aka 31), I can assure you it doesn't get any more glamorous or jazzy from here! :D I prefer your positive outlook to mine though, ha ha

  2. I'm not a staunch optimist. I like to project it, while practically preparing for what is most likely to happen. Personally, a birthday is just a day like any other; just another tally on the wall. I enjoy them, but I just want to continue the changes I've already been working on.

    Thanks for your comment.