Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Networking Means Working

I am super excited that I have recently been picked up by two blog sites. I'm not sure if this is a great feat or not, but it means that this whole "social networking" thing kind of works.

A few weeks ago I sent a tweet out to a guy I follow asking for tips to becoming a writer for a blog site. His response was awesome, because he said my timing was perfect and that they were actually looking for a new writer. *SWEET!!!

The other day, I received a comment on my Role Models post telling me where she saw the link for my blog from and stating that she was interested in finding a dad-blogger to do a feature on her mom-blog site. Of course, I accepted. Long stories short, I will be doing a bi-monthly feature on theCaffeineCoquette.com on the first and third Tuesday of the month, AND I was given a quick assignment by DadsTalking.com to write a post about the TRON & TRON: Legacy disc releases today.

I am very excited to get the chance to do these kinds of things. Once upon a time I thought about being some kind of writer, but the lifestyle of a novelist, and the demands of a journalist were never appealing to me. So, I guess blogging was the invention I was waiting for.



  1. Congratulations! I just recently found your blog, and like what you're writing. I look forward to more-keep it up!


  2. Thank you DT for stopping by. I'll try not keep my thoughts coherent and not a jumble of random babbling.