Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thirsty Thursday: Ode to COFFEE!

I almost feel guilty every morning.  It feels like I'm enjoying something I know I shouldn't be doing.  It's like taking some candy from the open bins in the grocery store as a kid; It might be stealing, but the candy is just so good.  It's like making out with your girlfriend in her parents house.  It's the first drink of coffee in the morning, and it's like having a chance to taste a lightning bolt from Zeus' hand.

If you are not a friend of mine on Facebook, then you may not know about how much coffee I enjoy on a regular basis.  The amount I drink is not consistent; some days I may have a cup or two, and other days I measure by the number of pots.  One may think I have an addiction, but there may be a day or two where I won't drink any, and I won't notice.  I wouldn't say that I can't make it through the day without coffee, I would say that I want those comforting, jolting, warming, and social benefits that coffee provides. There is, however, something majestic about the first taste of this divine elixir on a cool morning, which we have a LOT of in Washington.

Everything I need in the morning
 My Routine: 
I put about 2tablespoons of my favorite creamer, then I will add about 2-thirds of a pint of milk to a microwave-safe mug and heat for one and a half minutes.  The warmed milk and cream goes into my travel mug, and as I walk to the staff lounge to get my coffee, I will shake my mug so my milk and cream are foamy, and frothy.  Once I get my coffee, and take a sip, I wait and let that first rush of heat warm me up all the way to my stomach.  I have then, been taken to my happy place!

There is something beautiful in the smell, the taste, and the look of a properly brewed pot of coffee.  Since I'm up late at night and up early in the morning, coffee is my aide to help me be a functioning narcoleptic.  It is my guilty pleasure I do not feel guilty about! 


  1. You should cheers someone before your first drink of coffee. Really celebrate your moment.

    I bet you will make them smile and feel warm and fuzzy inside too.

  2. Awesome idea. I will try that tomorrow!