Thursday, March 3, 2011

There IS No HOW-TO

A common trend I see among the Dad-Blogosphere are the how-to tips for being a "great dad" or a "better husband".  As helpful as these tips are, they reflect on the way men see the world... Here's a problem that needs fixing... here;s the steps needed to fix it.  

What we forget, is how people do not follow formulas.  What may work with someone, for example our own kids, today, may not work for them in a similar situation tomorrow.  I WISH relationships were like cars, or something with an owners manual where I could refer to the FAQs or the troubleshooting section and call and talk to someone if needed. 

This is one of the reasons I dove into the Dad-Blogosphere.  Not so much for some weekend-warrior quick-fix tips, but for the ability to connect and share trials and triumphs.   I have enjoyed it, and I enjoy the people I have met, and look forward to meeting more! 

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