Monday, March 28, 2011

Memory Lane

This is an old post I found from my old blog.  It's about 2 years old.  Nostalgic:

It amazes me when I look back at the days when I had a “little” baby that would cozy on my chest…
Camo sleeping on daddy
She used to be the sweetest most innocent thing and she was a little doll. However, she is has grown into a feisty little toddler, that already acts like she runs the show.
Ropes Course 003
She has become this little ball of personality and highs and lows. She goes from extreme happiness to hearing the words “nite nite” or “nap time” and suddenly her world crumbles around her. We had a brief stint where she tried to throw temper tantrums and she soon found out that they would not be dealt with and found herself alone yelling at no one, and those seem to have gone as as as they came. Though she still says not to nap time, she still walks herself to her bed and lays down.
Now, when she tries to come and share our bed in the lazy weekend mornings, I get kicked out of my spot, and my pillow becomes her pillow. She has her opinion and will let you know it. She is defiant to fault, but she keeps me on my toes, and I don’t ant to take that away from her. We want her to question the norms and not do what everyone else is doing, and we want her to be able to do her own thing and not care about anyone else. As she continues to grow, I can only hope to have a little girl that will try and fail and be honest in failures so she can learn to succeed.


  1. Beautiful pictures and sentiments. Found you on BloggyMoms and will be following along.
    Marina @

  2. Pictures are so cute! She is absolutely beautiful. Although my baby is only 14months I still miss those moments when I was able to swaddle, craddle, and nurse her. When she was small enough to lay on my chest and sleep.

  3. Thanks for following along. YOUR sight looks delicious. My stomach told me to follow along! ;-)

  4. @ThaiHoa,
    My daughter slept on me for a long time, and I hoped my son would too, but he only slept on me for about the first 6 weeks and that was it. I miss it... bad!